Foxes and zebra draw more visitors to Melaka Zoo

Melaka Zoo and Night Safari registered an increasing number of visitors during the Chinese New Year festive season.

The Zoo’s CEO, R. Raja Segran said some 15,000 zoo-goers were registered between the first day of Chinese New Year and yesterday.

“Visitor numbers rose to the highest the zoo has seen on non-school break and it’s a motivation and precious Lunar New Year gift to us,” he said yesterday.

Raja Segran said 5,350 visitors were registered on Friday, 6,095 (Saturday) and 4,783 visitors up to 3.40pm yesterday.


The fennec fox is a small nocturnal animal found in the Sahara and has a life span of up to 14 years in captivity.

The Melaka Zoo unveiled three of these foxes, two females and a male for the first time during the Chinese New Year festive break.


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