About Zoogleland

Zoogleland builds a park based interactive mobile application for enhanced user experience at a zoo and similar nature parks. The key features are content on animals and botanicals as well as crowdfunding facility to raise funds for a particular park. Our content has universal data and park specific data, to ensure that we can roll out easily to other zoos and parks. The app will utilize geofencing which picks up specific knowledge repository of animals and botanicals as well as empower users to adopt animals at a very small subscription fee. The adoption will allow the user to follow weekly news on the animal/botanical and encourage repeat visit. Besides crowdfunding, Zoogleland offers services and merchandising as revenue generator. When we roll-out at a new zoo or nature park, we can reuse the knowledge repository and just add the localized content. We have a few business models in place, one is crowdfunding by adopting animals, the others in services and merchandising.

Zoogleland provides educational content on animals and botanicals with the hopes of inspiring children to take up science subjects while providing knowledge on how humans affect their environment.  Zoogleland also helps parents to talk to their children by providing more information about their visit.

Though extinction of animals and trees may not be at the forefront of the crises affecting our current world, without the efforts of these zoologists and botanists, they will not be much left of the world for our children.